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Our first moderator was Dr. Bruce Turner. The Lord used him in spearheading the movement from the start. His zeal, straightforwardness and jovial attitude in serving the Lord in the capacity of moderator provided a necessary leadership. While many recognized the need to step out, Bruce actually led the charge, and consequently, took the heat for those actions. Whatever God does with the [GIBF] fellowship in the future, we realize that we are forever indebted for the crucial contributions Bro. Turner offered. 
-Rich Farinella, The Global Baptist Times 

Dr. Bruce E. Turner was born on January 27, 1950 in Richmond, Indiana. He and his lovely wife, Reva, have two children, Justin and Vanessa. Bruce was saved at the age of six and mentored by great men of God through his school years. He received a Graduate in Theology from Baptist Bible College in 1973, a Bachelor of Religious Education from Baptist Christian College in 1982, and a Doctorate of Divinity from Landmark Baptist College in the early 2000's. He has been privileged to serve as chairman and vice-chairman on various college boards and fellowships. He has also served as moderator of the Global Independent Baptist Fellowship.




In 1974, Pastor Turner founded and pastored Baptist Temple in Holbrook, Massachusetts until 1988 when he felt led by the Lord to become pastor of West Gate Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida. Under his leadership, West Gate planted numerous Independent Baptist churches, supported faith-promise missions, and continues to educate hundreds of children through West Gate Christian Preparatory School. 

Under Pastor Turner's leadership and vision, West Gate charted a new course with the founding of Florida Baptist College in 2005, of which he served as president. On August 8th, 2010 he passed the baton of senior pastor and began the thrilling call of full-time Staff Evangelist. He is commissioned out of his first pastorate, Lighthouse Baptist Church (originally Baptist Temple) under Pastor Brian Crump. His evangelism has consisted of Missions, Leadership, Men's/Ladies, Youth, Soul Winning, Marriage Conferences and Revivals across the world. Dr. Bruce E. Turner has faithfully served the Lord in ministry for over 50 years.


                                                                                                                                                               -information collected from multiple sources

Our family
Justin Turner & Family

Justin is our oldest child & father to five of our grandkids (Not pictured & married: Katelin Hargis & Madison Page). Justin lives near in New Jersey with his wife Betsy & youngest three children. They serve faithfully in their local church. 

Vanessa Tannous & Family

Vanessa is our youngest & mother to four of our grandchildren. Vanessa lives near us in Indiana with her husband Joe & children. They serve faithfully in their local church. 

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